How an Extreme Skier Returned from the Brink in Chile

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Mark Koglemann has always lived life on the edge. In August of 2014, he found himself in a Chilean hospital, not sure if he’d ever walk again.


Mark, a professional skier who took up the sport at age 3, was no stranger to risk. He and his friends routinely visited exotic mountain ranges to film their exploits.


Unfortunately, an unexposed rock just under the mountains snowy surface sent him flying into the air. He sustained several injuries including a fractured spine and a cracked skull!


Knowing the monumental costs of healthcare, especially for such traumatic injury, Mark was unsure as to how he and his family would pay for his treatment.


Fortunately, shortly before going on his trip, Mark purchased a travel medical insurance policy, which covered all expenses, including airlift, surgery, physical therapy, and other treatments that he needed in order to fully heal from his injuries.


What would have cost Mark well over $200,000, only cost him his $500 deductible and $130 out-of-pocket.


Judith, Mark’s wife, said, “Usually, when you call an insurance company, you expect there to be a long wait time and be on hold, and I was already really stressed out.”


Judith goes on to say, “They  picked up right away! They said, “Everything is taken care of so all I have to do is get down to Santiago to take care of Mark.” Judith states.


“I took comfort in the fact that IMG had my back.” Mark says. He also says, “If you are thinking about travel insurance at all, definitely get it. It saved my life and it could save yours.”


“I took comfort in the fact that IMG had my back.”


Mark is back to full strength and is back on the slopes. He now owns Soulryders Productions, an adventure sports video production company based in Salt Lake City Utah.


Mark’s story is one of a kind. Not all of us are going to be extreme skiing and have severe injuries, but the fact is, people are injured while traveling every day.


To learn more about Mark’s story, check out this video by our partners at IMG.


Not having the proper travel insurance could end up costing you your life savings. Bottom line: make sure you have the right coverage.

It could save your life.

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