5 Travel Activities That’ll Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone

travel activities

Do you feel like pumping up your holiday to the next level?

Many people want to get out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves with thrill seeking activities.

Instead of being around the pool, you can push your limits and change your trip from being an enjoyable holiday to an amazing adventure.

If you find yourself craving for an adrenalin activity that thrills your senses, then there are plenty of activities to choose from while abroad.

So while you are on foreign soil in a country that you may or may not visit again, you might as well make your stay a memorable one by choosing to go that extra step.

If you enjoy extreme sports, then you can be in for a treat with the wide range of activities to choose from.

Whether you want to indulge in rock climbing or bungee jumping…there will definitely be something to entice you.

If you are by the coast, then you don’t only have to sit and get a tan at the beach.


travel activities

Why not take a dip into scuba diving? Start off with a tester dive…then before you know it, you could be swimming side by side with the sharks!

If keeping your head above water suits you more, then you can always fly high in the sky with parasailing along the coastline or test out your water-sport skills.

There are plenty of water sports to try, including sailing, surfing, canoeing, water rafting, kite surfing and water skiing.


travel activities


If your holiday is booked in a mountainous region, then you can always try a ‘land and sky’ activity to get your blood pumping.

Depending on how much of a thrill seeker you are, you could link arms with danger, ready to make a jump of a lifetime with skydiving, paragliding or bungee jumping.

Imagine the view when plummeting into the canyon and towards the river, then springing back up into the sky.

This type of holiday not only will give you cool stories to share with friends and colleagues, but will provide you with everlasting memories.

Maybe you would like to keep your feet firmly on the ground in all ways, and if that’s the case – rock climbing or mountain hiking may be the activity for you.

Whether it’s flirting with your fear and climbing up a vertical cliff, or having the accomplishment of walking to the top of the mountain, accompanied by spectacular views and breath-taking nature – you can overcome limits that you had never dreamed of until now.


travel activities


Some people enjoy doing group activities that are a little more ‘fear friendly’, but still makes your heart bounce and body feel alive.

Family-friendly activities such as skiing, biking and boat trips are a great way to get everyone involved.

Depending on how courageous the entire group or family is, you can do these types of activities at different levels.

You can have some people getting used to the smaller slopes while you fly off of the top of the snow mountain, or you can go on a biking trip with your family, then take your ride on an off-roading adventure afterwards.

The options are limitless.

** You can make your holiday a once in a lifetime experience that pushes your boundaries and overcomes your fears, just remember to plan all aspects of the trip and not only the exciting parts.
** Whatever thrilling activities you delve into, make sure you are properly prepared for the experience.

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