5 Essential Travel Gadgets to Take on Your Next Trip

travel gadgets

Every time I start planning another trip away, my first mission is to figure out what kind of things I need to pack and take with me. Clothes aside, I love trying to fit in gadgets and ways to make scenarios easier and more comfortable.

Whether you’re a veteran traveler or if you’re just planning your first adventure, you’re sure to find something useful from the list below to make your next trip easier.

1) Solar Charger

The idea of taking a solar charger with you during a backpacking trip isn’t all that common, but it should be. You’ll have to do some research to find out which ones are better and don’t be fooled by the overly expensive ones as some cheaper models are just as adequate but they are certainly worth purchasing.

I personally bought one that can be charged via the sun and then it stores the energy for whenever I need it. It was a lifesaver for charging my phone and my tablet and I wouldn’t go on another trip without one.

2) Water Purification

So you’re backpacking through Central America and you can’t get your hands on any safe drinking water. Worry not, as there are loads of ways to purify your water while you travel.

The Lifestraw is extremely effective, innovative and yet so simple. It’s literally a straw that you can use in practically any kind of liquid. Apparently, it uses some sort of magic to clean the water as it travels to your mouth. OK, actually, it uses a hollow fiber membrane filter to remove 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria. Pretty cool.

3) Bite Relief Clicker

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying mosquito bites are one of the major downsides to travelling. They itch like crazy and can turn the most beautiful escape into a week of misery from all of the scratching. Now there are loads of sprays out there to ‘repel’ mosquitos, there are also candles and scents, the list goes on. You can also get balms and creams to rub over the bites to relieve the irritation.

However, nothing quite works as well as a bite relief clicker (unless you buy a really, really cheap one.) You simple click in on your bite and you’ll feel almost instant freedom from the itching as well as reduces inflammation. At a relatively low price, you can’t go wrong, so make sure to add one to your list before your next trip.

4) Rope

You might be thinking that rope isn’t a gadget, or really even a travel accessory. Before my last trip, I was searching for things I might need to take with me and I came across this washing line gadget. Some strong rope you not only get a makeshift washing line, you’ve also got a valuable piece of equipment that can be useful in almost all situations, and let’s face it, a few meters of rope isn’t expensive and will not take up any necessary bag space.

5) Travel Door Lock

Lastly, we have the travel door lock. This small little gadget can be great if you are travelling on a budget. Anyone who has ever slept in a cheap hostel will know sometimes locks might not work or safety isn’t a top priority for the hostel itself. In such a situation a travel door lock would be excellent.

You attach it to the inside of your door, when you are in the room of course, and it adds some extra protection preventing people from entering. It probably won’t withstand brute force but if nothing else it’ll give you a bit more privacy.

Honourable Mentions:

There are of course loads of accessories and gadgets you should pack for a trip. These are just 5 ones which I think are must haves when travelling but of course it depends on the kind of adventure you are going on. If you’re a hiker then you must find yourself a flint fire starter. They are simply amazing if you are out in the wild and need to light a fire but have no lighter or matches.

Another worthy mention is a travel adapter, especially if you are planning to visit countries from all over the world. You can pick them up either really cheap or rather expensive depending on what kind you want. You can buy complex ones that work in any country and detect voltages automatically and so on, or you can buy one which just works in one country.


I hope you find these gadgets to be useful on your next journey. Let us know if we missed anything!

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