Explore Old World Europe with These 4 History-Filled Destinations

Explore Old World Europe with These 4 History-Filled Destinations

Europe is home to some of the richest historical cities in the world.

It is full of rich culture, great food, and glorious scenery. The magnificent variety of things to see and do will overwhelm you.


Here are 4 European cities to get your old world history fix.


1) Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul offers a unique blend of Europe and Asia, embracing western and the eastern cultures. You will be able to find an array of wondrous cultural experiences on every street. In fact, the city dates back over 3,000 years. The rich history creates a diverse culture that is present to this day.

This magical city offers everything. The beautiful architecture of the Grand Bazaar, mixed with the views of the illuminated city in the evening will be sure to enchant.


2) Budapest, Hungary

Some may know Hungary because of their famous Goulash. But Hungary and Budapest have a lot more to offer than just delectable cuisine.

Budapest has culture, history, and natural beauty. Just take a You can take a stroll along one of the many romantic bridges that cross the river Danube. Make sure to visit to the Fisherman’s Bastion for breath-taking views of the water.

Enjoy the wonderful cathedrals and stunning architecture that the city has to offer.


3) Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a colourful city in many ways.

To make the most of your trip, pedal your way through the busy streets or ride a boat through the gorgeous canals. If you’d like to take it a little slower, you can take a pleasant walk among the beautiful architecture.

Visiting the emotional yet powerful Anne Frank House is a must-do for those interested in learning about the history. The Stedelijk, the Van Gogh, and the Rijksmuseum are also wonderful ways to get a peak into Amsterdam’s culture and history.

Finally, the Red Light District is a renowned attraction (even if only to say you’ve been there).


4) Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a city like no other. You can submerge yourself into its fairy-tales.

Enjoy gorgeous cobbled back streets that lead to quaint cellar bars in the Old Town. The gorgeous religious architecture and mouthwatering Czech cuisine will keep you satisfied for days.

Before you leave, take a wander over Charles Bridge and be sure to visit Lennon’s Wall.


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