3 International Travel Ideas You Can Still Take This Summer

Thrilling Adventures All Around The World


The world has so many beautiful places to see, if you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone.


See the Tidal Bore rapids in Bay of Fundy found between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


Cruise the Vildmark I Värmland and Klarälven River in Sweden.


Ride horsees at the and Half Moon Equestrian Center in Montego Bay, Jamaica.


If you want to make a trail of your own offbeat adventures around the world, here are 3 international travel ideas you can still take this summer.


1) Become a nomad in Egypt


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If you’re tired of conventional adventures, this idea is certainly not that. Immerse yourself in Bedouin culture by living like a nomad. You can be an Arab nomad while crossing the Sinai Peninsula, camels and all.


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The desert route stretches up to 143 miles, complete with past desert sand hills, slot canyons, plunge pools, and desert oases. The expedition also includes climbing Mount Catherine, Egypt’s highest peak. Prepare to sleep under the black sky with only a wool blanket keeping you safe.



2) Get acquainted with the lush Amazon trees.


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To truly enjoy the Amazon rainforest, you need to be off the ground. Most of the adventure happens far overhead. Tropical Tree Climbing in northern Brazil features a bird’s eye view of the Amazons.


After working your way up on ropes about 200 feet from the ground, have a rest on a canvas hammock. Enjoy the vast flora and fauna that dwell in the rainforest. You even have the option to stay after dark to experience the forest at night.


Pro tip: to get the most out of this trip, don’t forget to bring a camera. We found a helpful review of the best travel cameras here.



3) Experience the Sailfish frenzy at the Yucatan Peninsula.


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Every winter, there’s a sailfish frenzy happening in the waters off Isla Mujeres, Mexico.


The Sailfish, the fastest fish in the world (60 miles per hour!) prowl the island for sardines. Snorkeling while this frenzy happens is like communing with the magical underwater creatures. It’s fascinating to witness.


These are just a few of the many, many off-beat adventures you can experience. The world is a magical place. Make sure that you enjoy these trips without the risk. It pays to have international travel insurance.


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