2 Tips for European Travel (What is a Schengen Visa?)

2 Tips for European Travel (What is a Schengen Visa?)


Among the most loved and well-anticipated rites of passage is a backpacking trip around Europe. For both young people and retired individuals, a European tour is often part of their bucket list.


From dazzling shops in Paris to cozy cafes in Amsterdam and the picturesque beaches of Greece, there’s a lot to see on this beautiful continent.


From east to west, north to south, Europe is a melting pot of ethnicities, languages, histories, cultures, architecture and traditions.


Every region is diverse from the next. And thanks to the dissolution of border checks within the European Union, traveling to Europe has never been simpler, cheaper and a lot more convenient!



Two Important European Travel Tips to Remember


1) Get a hold of a Schengen visa


If you want to explore Europe, securing a Schengen visa is a good way to go. It’s worth noting that this continent is not a monolithic region. You’ll find a variety of visa regulations you must comply with. When you come across the term “90-day limit,” this is all about the limitations attached on the Schengen visa.


The Schengen area comprises 26 countries that have consented free movement of their people within this area, as if it’s a single country. The Schengen zone encompasses the vast majority of European countries, except for the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Note: Also, even countries that aren’t part of the European Union (like Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Great Britain) are bound to the Schengen area and would, therefore, allow the free movement regulation.



These Schengen countries employ a border-free visa arrangement that allows people to move throughout the area without the need for a passport. Now, not all tourists are permitted such independence. Travelers from others countries must apply for a Schengen visa beforehand. You will be asked to complete documents in advance and travel in and out of the country for which your Schengen visa is granted.



2) Get an international travel insurance policy


It’s foolish to travel without insurance that covers unexpected medical problems or loss of property. While most travelers think of a travel insurance policy as an additional expense, it is something you truly need on the road. You just never know what may happen to you outside of your country. And even if you already have a health plan, most don’t cover international incidents.


A travel insurance plan is a lot more than just a healthcare protection. It also covers:

  • stolen valuables
  • canceled flights
  • emergency travel accommodations home



It’s an all-purpose crisis protection and is the one most essential things you need. Plus, as it costs just a few bucks per day, it’s unreasonable to exclude it from your travel budget.


If you check out the number of travel insurance plans available, you’ll realize that travel insurance has proven its worth countless times. For a few dollars each day, having a travel insurance – especially when you travel alone – can give you and your loved ones peace of mind. Traveling is one of the greatest joys in life. To experience an awesome Europe travel, make sure that you secure the proper documents and have yourself insured.


For more information about securing a Schengen visa and international travel insurance, click below.


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