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Austria is home to many significant historical figures and works of art. This includes, the classic musical The Sound of Music and legendary composer Mozart. The country has even more to offer once you delve into the hidden gems of its classic cities.


From quaint streets to decadent shops and grand concert halls, you’ll find beauty and intrigue around ever corner.


Here are the top 10 things that you can do during your travels to Salzburg, Austria.

1) Salzburg Cathedral

The seventeenth-century baroque cathedral is one of the most significant architectural pieces in Europe.


The Salzburg Cathedral stands proudly in Cathedral Square. It greets you with its breathtaking marble statues and bronze doorways. Mozart himself was baptized in this building.


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2) Shop and eat Getreidegasse Street


Enjoy the shops around the charming historical buildings and many quiet backstreets of Getreidegasse. While you’re there, be sure to relax at the Mozart Cafe and eat some of Austria’s famous apple strudel.



3) Visit Salzburg Museum


Explore Austria’s past by visiting the Salzburg museum that in the Neue Residenz Palace.


This museum displays the beautiful art and rich history of the city. Admire the culture of Salzburg while strolling through the grand and ornate rooms.


Pro tip: the museum offers free guided tours every Thursday at 6pm.


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4) Watch an orchestra at a concert hall


The music will bring a tear to your eye. Just look up at the extravagant frescoes on the ceiling. This is sure to be an evening for you to remember.


Click here to see the event schedule for the concert hall.


5) Walk down the streets in the Old Town


Go for a stroll around Salzburg’s Old town. Here, you will find hidden passages, medieval homes, and spectacular squares. All with the ringing of classic Church bells as background music.


Walk down the narrow pedestrian streets. Linger at the beautiful boutiques, charming cafes and monumental homes. Some of them date back to the 15th century! This trip will make you feel like a character in a romance novel.


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6) Sing along on the ‘Sound of Music’ tour


Enjoy a day out singing along to ‘My favorite things’ and ‘Eidelweiss’ on the Sound of Music Tour! If you are a fan of the 1965 classic film The Sound of Music, then this tour will fill you with delight.


Visit the Von Trap Estate, The Abbey and Mondsee town, where the famous wedding clip was filmed. Learn fun facts about the movie and watch clips of the film on the bus.



7) Salzburg Fortress


The Fortress of Hohensalzburg if one of the most well-preserved historical attractions in Salzburg. It is an enjoyable 20-minute walk from Salzburg Old Town or a quick ride on the funicular railway.


Built in 1077, you can see the fortress dominating the mountainside from all parts of the city. From the perspective of the Castle, the views of Salzburg from up above are spectacular.


You can also visit the fortress museum, which holds artifacts which date back centuries.


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8) Mirabell Palace and Gardens

The Mirabell Palace was built in 1606. Its marble hall is renowned for its grandeur and elegance.

You can walk around the gardens which are known to be a horticultural masterpiece. It can also be pleasantly romantic spot for both tourists and locals.


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9) Salzburg Christmas Market


If you plan to visit Salzburg late in the year, then the Christmas market is a must-do activity.


The market is open daily for over a month with stalls even being open on Christmas day. Enjoy the picturesque scene of small wooden stalls, snowy rooftops, and the illuminated Cathedral.


Try mulled wine, a local winter delicacy while shopping for floral arrangements, hand-crafted ornaments, textiles, and jewelry.



10) Take a cable-car to the top of Untersberg Mountain


Have a fun trip to the top of Untersberg Mountain on a cable-car. The magnificent views and impressive scenery of Rositten Valley will leave you breathless.


Enjoy some skiing or perhaps a hike to Geiereck or Salzburg Hochthron mountain.


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