Give Yourself the Gift of Traveling Abroad

Give Yourself the Gift of Traveling Abroad, international travel insurance


Checking items off your travel bucket list is fun. It’s exciting to go to places abroad you’ve only seen on movies or read from books. It’s a way to learn new culture and discover places outside your comfort zone.


It’s also an exciting way of looking for kindred spots away from home. If you’re from Alaska and love the Kenai Peninsula, you can go to Oman and visit the Al Hajar Mountains. Both destinations offer the best wildlife viewing.


Your vacation abroad can also improve your hobbies or broaden your interests. These are what make overseas vacations a thrill.


But traveling outside your country is more than just enjoying yourself. It’s a character builder – one that will help you learn more about yourself. It’s being responsible for your wellbeing and ensuring you’re covered against mishaps overseas.


This is where international travel insurance comes in the picture.


Travel Tips to Enjoy Your Vacation Abroad


Get international travel insurance


Before leaving, make sure you talk to your insurance provider about international travel coverage. In most cases, basic travel insurance plans are only applicable to domestic flights. If you’re going abroad, even for just a day or two, buying international travel insurance is a must.


It’s not a law for most countries, but it’s a travel rule you don’t want to overlook.


Insurance coverage for overseas travel is a security blanket. It lets you breathe easier knowing you’re protected against unexpected accidents. These include sudden medical bills amassed abroad or canceled connecting flights.


It also covers loss of baggage or destruction of property (ex. electronics, sports equipment, jewelry).


Even budget travelers must have a travel insurance accepted overseas. Just think about this: if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. Also, make sure you always have a hard copy of your travel insurance policy.


Bring cash


international medical insurance


Sure, having a credit card is important, even necessary, when traveling abroad. But, always bring cash, especially if plan on staying in a small town. Even if you have prepaid services, bring local cash for service tips.


Keep in mind that food, lodging, and transportation differs from one country to another. You need to research about your destination’s currency beforehand.


Also, if you plan on using a credit card, look for a travel card that lets you earn miles or points. Most international credit cards even offer international travel medical insurance, too.

(Learn more about the best credit cards for international travelers)


Traveling abroad is a gift you can give yourself. Your international travel insurance is a guarantee you’ll enjoy your gift without worries.


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