The Kenai Peninsula in Alaska: 3 Things You Need to Know

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Alaska is on the bucket list for many travelers. It’s a dream travel destination, especially on the Kenai Peninsula found south of Anchorage.


The Kenai encapsulates most of Alaska’s natural treasures. From whale watching and fishing to wildlife viewing, travelers are drawn to Alaska’s “playground.”


The Kenai is fairly accessible to budget travelers. This makes it a favorite summer spot for many of them. Lots of people go to the Kenai Peninsula via a cruise.


Some do a road trip along the picturesque Seward Highway. Regardless of how you get to the Kenai, it’ll definitely be one of your favorite travel and vacations.


The Wildlife and Glaciers on the Kenai


The best way to experience the Kenai wildlife and glaciers is on a boat. It starts from the Kenai Fjords National Park. In the summer, scheduled boat tours leave the Seward Harbor every day.


You may spot impressive creatures like killer whales, sea lions, and bald eagles. On the tour, you may also see nature’s power through the Holgate Glacier. This is a tidewater glacier elevated by the Harding Ice Field. It covers roughly 1,100 square miles.


That’s enough to turn the state of Rhode Island into a massive skating rink! 


3 Tips for Enjoying Kenai


1) Hire a local guide

In Southcentral, it’s recommended to follow the basics of Alaska safety and security. One of these principles is hiring a local guide for any sports or adventure outside your comfort zone.


Stick to safety rules about bear and moose sightings, particularly down the Kenai.


2) Bring cash

Sure, having a credit card is important, even necessary, when traveling abroad. But, bring cash if you’re staying in a small town. Even if you have prepaid services, make sure to bring something for service tips.


Keep in mind that food, lodging, and other necessities are considerably higher in Alaska. Just about everything gets to Alaska through barge or roughly 2,000 miles of highway.


3) Get international travel insurance

Before leaving for Alaska you need to get international travel insurance. In fact, if you’re going anywhere overseas, you must have one. It’s not a law for most countries worldwide, but it’s a travel rule you don’t want to overlook.


International travel insurance lets you breathe easier knowing you’re protected. You’re covered in case of misadventures or accidents. It protects you from medical bills accrued internationally. It also covers loss of baggage or destruction of property (ex. digital camera).


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