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The Kenai Peninsula in Alaska: 3 Things You Need to Know

By insurabroad | Dec 12, 2016

  Alaska is on the bucket list for many travelers. It’s a dream travel destination, especially on the Kenai Peninsula found south of Anchorage.   The Kenai encapsulates most of Alaska’s natural treasures. From whale watching and fishing to wildlife viewing, travelers are drawn to Alaska’s “playground.”   The Kenai is fairly accessible to budget…

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Traveling with a Baby? Here’s How to Make It Work

By insurabroad | Nov 16, 2016

  Regular travel is fun, especially when you bring the whole family. However, a lot of challenges come with it, too. Just imagine how hard it can be when you have a baby in tow. All of a sudden, traveling becomes quite a chore.   Here are a few best practices for traveling with a…

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5 International Travel Destinations that Should Be on Every Bucket List

By insurabroad | Sep 15, 2016

  Traveling the world enriches one’s soul in ways that nothing else does. It gives you a peek at how other people live. It shows you that there is more to life than what you know. It inspires you to hope for more.   If you’re looking for great international travel destinations for your next…

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5 Reasons Travel is Good for Your Body and Mind

By insurabroad | Sep 13, 2016

  Everyone’s busy, and that’s understandable. Everybody has people to see, jobs to do. People have commitments, and are on their way to making their dreams a reality.   Because of this, they rarely have time for international travel. They see traveling as a luxury that they just do not have time for. But is travel…

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