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Best Hack to Stay Motivated and Avoid Burnout – Freedom Calendar

By insurabroad | Jul 26, 2016

  No matter how much you love your job, burnout is a dangerous trap to guard against. Burnout happens when we run out of steam in our pursuit of goals. It’s that simple. The only way to avoid this is to take regular, planned escapes. But how do you stay motivated in the meantime?   We like…

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international travel insurance, 7 Reasons to Buy International Travel Insurance Before Going Abroad

7 Reasons to Buy International Travel Insurance Before Going Abroad

By insurabroad | Jul 19, 2016

  Traveling abroad requires vigilance like no other. You’re in a different part of the world – a place where you need to have your bases covered.    If you get sick or injured abroad without any travel insurance, your medical bills will put a serious dent in your wallet. International travel insurance is what you need…

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4 Books That Will Satisfy Your International Travel Bug

By insurabroad | Jul 12, 2016

    To read a book is to travel cheap.   Some have said that to read a book is to travel cheap. And it’s true. For a price of a plane ticket abroad, you can buy a dozen or more books. Yes, it can’t mirror what you feel when you’re in a foreign country.…

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10 Things to Do in Salzburg, Austria — International Travel

By insurabroad | Jul 5, 2016

  Austria is home to many significant historical figures and works of art. This includes, the classic musical The Sound of Music and legendary composer Mozart. The country has even more to offer once you delve into the hidden gems of its classic cities.   From quaint streets to decadent shops and grand concert halls, you’ll find beauty…

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